$14.99 USD

  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE – K+ tattoo needles cartridges are precisely made with high-quality materials for optimal performance so that you can achieve beautiful results.
  • DESIGNED FOR UTMOST PRECISION – Our tattoo cartridges boast a unique stabilizing system for accuracy and optimal stability in the tattooing process.
  • MEDICAL-GRADE PLASTIC – We designed these tattoo cartridge needles with medical-grade plastic housing, which helps reduce friction between the needle grouping and the tip.
  • PROTECTS FROM INK BACKFLOW – The tattoo ink cartridges employ a full membrane that protects from ink backflow. The razor-sharp steel needles are designed with utmost precision.
  • ONE BOX OF 20 NEEDLES – You get one box of 20 K+ needle cartridges for tattooing. Expertly designed, we take pride in providing cutting-edge tattoo equipment.