$10.99 USD

Lightweight and convenient,light as wireless.40 oxygen free copper wires,stable conduction,low loss,resistant to breaking.

Product parameters

Length: 2.2 m
Outer wire cover diameter: 2mm
Core: 40 copper oxide free and tin plating
Net weight 29g
Gross weight 32g

Product features

1. The total length is 220 cm, which ensures sufficient working length;
2. The wire diameter of 2mm is soft and comfortable,as light as wireless, and does not bind hands in the working process;
3. Strong tensile resistance wire internal blended tensile resistance fiber two-way force of a total of 58 kg;
4. Strong electrical conductivity meets the requirement of doubling the number of offline diameters under normal working conditions;
5. the shaft does not rotate.
6. The 1/4'' phone jack plug looks smaller and comfortable to plug in;

Designed and Built by the professionals for the professionals.