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  • Our round curved magnum cartridge configurations start from 5RM and up to 49RM,The even higher cartridge configurations 29RM, 35RM, 39RM, 49RM are for really large tattoos or special demands.
  • Precision assembly. Quality ensured with meticulous 30-point inspection, including pin alignment and solder distribution. Membrane mechanism prevents ink spitback. Low profile housing & better ink flow & shaped on the inside
  • NeedleWalk Pro cartridges needles used light clear color tips shell, better visibility.Needle is made of surgical stainless steel, 100% EO gas sterilized and Individually packaged. Low profile housing & better ink flow & shaped on the inside,Smooth edges eliminate additional trauma.
  • The cartridges are extremely simple and easy to use. Basically it can be matched with any brand tattoo devices
  • Cartridges come with membrane to prevent ink leakage to the tube or machine. Semi transparent & bevil tips make it easier to observe the needle striking and 100% Safety